In the first days of September is time to think about the upcoming deep-cleaning of the home. Use the last warm days to prepare your home for the colder months. Even if you are not a fan of the autumn one-off cleaning of the house our London experts advise you to go through the following list and check as many chores as possible.

1.Clean the Gutters

It is essential to clean your gutters and roof before the autumn rains start. Grab a ladder and climb up to check if everything is all right. Fallen leaves and other debris can clutter the gutters and obstruct the path of the rainwater. This can cause serious roof damage and even a leak.

2. Wash the Windows

Now that the weather is colder and more clouds start to show up in the sky is the perfect time to wash your windows both from the outside and in. This will be the last through cleaning of the year as in winter it is too cold for such activities. Make sure to also wash the frames, the insolation and blinds. Remove all black spots, smudges and debris.

3. Deep-clean Your Mattress

Use the last strong sun rays the best way possible – for sanitising your mattresses. Consider booking professional cleaners to come and disinfect your bed. Wash all of your pillows, linens and blankets. After the cleaning services are over, take your mattress outside and leave it to completely dry off under the sunlight. Remember to flip and rotate it before you put the fresh sheets.

4. Take Care of your Garden

If your London home has a garden, now will be the perfect month to prepare your plants for winter. Mow the lawn, gather the fallen leaves, prune and replant. In addition, remember to clean your garden furniture and cover it with protective sheets. This way it won’t get weather damaged. Put all toys and outdoor activities such as games, small pools and trampolines in the garage.

5. Clean Your Air Vents

During the cold months, we usually don’t open the windows as much, and the AC is constantly blasting hot air. In order to stay healthy and warm, you need to thoroughly check and clean your air vents. Vacuum them, remove all of the dust and debris that can be a serious fire hazard as well. Remember to wash the filters of your AC. While we are at it check if your heating system is working properly and if not – call a repairman.

6.Wash Your Fridge

In summer we tend to fill our fridges with different fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables. However, we often forget about them, and they keep cluttering and rotting. That is why you need to properly clean your fridge from all expired items and then thoroughly wash it with water and dish soap. Remember to wipe it from the outside as well.

7. Declutter Your Wardrobe

You have no use of shorts and tank tops in winter, so put all the clothes you won’t wear any time sooner away and prepare your sweaters and coats. Exploit this opportunity to actually throw away or donate the pieces you haven’t used or years. Use vacuum bags to both keep your garments secured and not take a lot of space in your wardrobe.

8. Arrange the Garage

After you put away the garden decorations and toys spend some time rearranging and cleaning the garage. Swipe and mop the floors, clean the debris and make sure all of the things you will need in winter are easily accessible. Put the summer sports equipment somewhere far back and make sure your ski or snowboard are within your reach.

9. Clean Your Drains

On that note, inspect all of your pipes and plumbing installation. Believe us the worst thing that can happen is to have a leak in the middle of winter. Purchase some drain cleaner and go through all of the drains in the home including the shower and bathtub. If you have the slightest concerns – contact a plumber.

10. Check Your Windows and Doors

And we don’t mean if they are locked, but if their insolation is doing its job. It is very important to not lose heath (and money) in winter so make sure everything is working properly. Repair cracks in the frames and glass, and prepare your home for the colder months properly.

If some of these tasks seem too much for you, you can always search for our reputable London cleaners. We are always happy to make your day easy and your home tidy.

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.