Be honest, how often do you clean your microwave? According to our pro cleaners, this is the kitchen appliance that receives the least amount of attention when it comes to washing. However, you use it daily from making popcorn to reheating your dinner. If you want to keep the good taste of your food, you need to start to give your microwave some much-deserved cleaning attention. Here we have for you 5 proven washing technics that will help you maintain your microwave spotless.

1.Wet Wipes for the People Who Are Short on Time

The fastest way to clean your microwave is by simply cleaning it with wet wipes. This method altho easy is not very efficient as you can’t actually remove the grease stains or sanitise the surface. It’s useful on the occasions when you need to clean your kitchen superficially and leave the deep-washing for a different time.

clean with citrus fruits at your London kitchen2. Lemon Juice

It seems this is one of the most popular and highly recommended cleaning methods. Cut the lemon in half and place in a bowl of water. Microwave it and leave it to steam for a while. Then just wipe the insides of your microwave with kitchen paper. As a bonus, this technic actually works with all types of citrus fruits or their peels.

3. Wet Paper Towels

This technic is no only fast but it also doesn’t require more than a handful of soaking wet paper towels. Just microwave them for about 5 minutes and leave them to cool down. The stean drops and heat will loosen the food stains and make them easily removable with just one wipe.

4. Water and Vinegar

Wherever you can use lemon juice you can certainly use vinegar as they are both natural acids. There are two ways to use white vinegar. One is analogical tho the citrus technic the other is even simpler. Put a couple of drops of vinegar on a paper towel or a cotton pad and wipe the insides of the microwave.

vanilla sticks for cleaning

5. Water and Vanilla

This method is highly recommended by our London cleaners as it not only washes your microwave but it also leaves a pleasant tropical smell behind. Put a couple of drops of vanilla essence in a bowl of water and microwave it. Similar to technics we have talked about so far when everything has cooled down, wipe the droplets with a towel.

Pro Cleaning Tips

In addition to these 5 simple but effective cleaning methods, here are some pieces of professional advice straight from our experienced London experts.

  • You can also use dish soap or multipurpose cleaner to wash your microwave. The idea is that the cleaner is contained in the droplets of condensed water.
  • Do not use baking soda We know it is a popular suggestion but the abrasive paste created by sodium bicarbonate mixed with water can actually scratch the delicate surface of your microwave.
  • microwave in a London houseBaking soda and vinegar mixed don’t create a super-powerful cleaner. You will end up losing the positive cleaning qualities of both ingredients.
  • Before you start with the cleaning of the insides of your microwave make sure to thoroughly clean ut from the outside.
  • Remember to wipe the areas under and around your oven.

Keep in mind the listed methods are applicable only with microwaves that are not used commercially. Restaurant ovens are usually 10 times dirtier than the ones at home. In these cases, the best solution is to search for help from your professional London cleaning companies. It is the fastest way to get perfect results.

Stephanie Cooper

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