No doubt the party on New Year’s Eve was wonderful. Family and friends having fun and dancing all night – the perfect recipe for welcoming 2019. The night was probably amazing, but the result is still the same – the house needs to be cleaned, especially the carpets. Before starting though, we would like to share a few actions which are more harmful than helpful but people seem to do them rather often.

Mistakes To Avoid Before Actually Cleaning Your Rugs After The Party

Yes, we are all capable of making mistakes without even starting whatever we have decided to do. Like, for example, getting a membership card for the nearest London gym, without researching for better options. Such preliminary mistakes could happen when it comes to carpet cleaning as well. Read below to find out what not to do before you start.

1.Grabbing the vacuum cleaner before any inspection

Тhe quicker the cleaning is over – the better, but spare a few minutes to take a closer look at your carpets. Check around the dining table and under the chairs for food and drinks stains. If you find any go ahead and treat them before doing anything else.

Look for jacket buttons or any jewellery that might have slipped – an earring or a delicate bracelet. You also might find smaller toys or parts of them under the sofa if there were kids at the party. Confetti is another thing to pick up from the floor. Inspecting will take only several minutes, but will help:

  • Not letting a stain dry up if there’s any;
  • Not clogging the vacuum cleaner;

2.Act as quickly as possible in case of spills

Even if you didn’t have the chance to take care of the problem immediately because of the celebration, it doesn’t mean it’s late. Carpets usually absorb spillages almost instantly, but don’t always dry up that fast. The longer you wait, the harder will be to wash out the problem so don’t delay it. And in case the spot is dry London professionals, who specialise in rug cleaning, advice to use a small amount of warm water in order to “revive” the stain and ease the extraction of the dirt.

Damaging Carpet Cleaning Techniques To Avoid At All Costs in Your London House

The determination to clean the carpeting after the New Year’s Eve party is not enough for a perfect result. You also need to know the right way to do it or at least what not to do. Here are several rug cleaning techniques to abstain from so you won’t cause further damage and bypass changing carpets at your London home.

3. Dab, do not scrub

Never use a scrubbing motion when attending to a stain. This will not only make it bigger but will also damage the carpet fibres. The motion will help distribute the spilt substance on a wider area and will worsen the situation. The correct way to wash the dirty spot is to gently dab on it as if you’re treating an opened wound.

4. Do not soak

While using small amounts of water to clean up a carpet is OK, over-using it will have the opposite effect. Drowning a rug is never necessary as it could result in damages – discolouration, damp odours or even shrinking.

This applies also to over-using rug shampoo. More is not always better. Using extra amount will leave hard to clean soapy residue, and this is simply a dirt magnet.

Possible Mistakes In Regard To The Tools and Detergents

Now that we shared how not to execute carpet cleansing, we would like to offer a couple of tips on the items you use for it. As advised earlier, acting quickly in stain situations is a must. Sometimes, however, the swift reaction could let you make a mistake without even noticing – for example, you might grab the wrong detergent bottle.

5. Coloured towels are unsuitable for cleaning

Always use white clean towels when washing your rugs. The coloured ones will most likely leave their print on them, and you will end up with a bigger colour spot. If this happens maybe, it won’t be a bad idea to seek out a professional carpet cleaning company in London as the stain is now more complex and it will need special treatment.

Make sure to have a few white towels in handy and when dabbing onto a dirty spot do not forget to change the sides.

6. New and/or wrong chemicals

Not every detergent is suitable for all types of carpets. A big mistake is using a solution without reading the label carefully and not testing it beforehand. A small piece of the rug from the time it was installed is perfect for this task. If you don’t have such a patch, choose a small hidden area and try the detergent there. Proceed with the chemical only if nothing wrong happens to the tested part.

7. Do not experiment

Removing a stubborn stain isn’t a good time for experimenting with DIY solutions. They can be very effective, but if you don’t know for certain they will work – do not risk it. Better be safe than sorry. Calling up London carpet cleaning services in this situation will be the best decision for your carpets and your own sanity.

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.