Its almost Christmas and its time to prepare your London home for the upcoming festivities. However, most people don’t have a lot of time to spare in scrubbing and dusting. Here comes our cleaning experience to save you from your misfortunes. We have prepared a simple but effective Christmas cleaning checklist. In addition, you will find a couple of tips and DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to winter tidying up.

Winter Cleaning Tips

Tidying your home during the warm months is way different than the one done in the wintertime. Our London cleaners have some professional tips that will save you both money and time just before the Holidays:

  • Don’t overdo it – You are cleaning for a show of not doing a thorough cleansing of the home. Tidy all visible spots of the home, the rest, leave for summer.
  • Save your strength – In the cold period people lose their energy and everything feels like an unbearable obstacle. Don’t worry, it’s normal, just don’t push yourself too much.
  • Winter preparation – when going to the market buy extras from every detergent you use around the house. Imagine you need to wash the floor, but you are out of a multipurpose cleaner and it’s snowing/raining outside. Avoid these situations, just plan ahead.

Christmas Cleaning DOs for Your London Home

Some things are a must when it comes to winter cleaning and especially if you are doing it before the Holidays. Usually, during the week between Christmas and New Year’s people are not at home or have family over. This means cleaning has to be done fast and efficient.

  • Spend the most time tidying up the areas with the greatest foot traffic – dining/living room and kitchen.
  • Always have a pack of wet wipes ready to clean a fresh stain.
  • Get a broom and a dustpan and keep them on hand. You never know when you will need to swipe a broken glass or plate.
  • Kitchen paper is your best friend during the winter holidays. It is very absorbent, cheap and doesn’t leave fibres when you wipe different surfaces with it.
  • Do a fast inspection of your fridge and toss all expired foods. Check the pantry for food jars you can donate.
  • The Holidays are the season of giving so consider doing a fast decluttering of your wardrobe and attic/basement. All old toys, clothes and electronics can certainly bring joy to somebody less fortunate than you.
  • Remember to sprinkle salt on your patio and front porch and avoid icy injuries this winter.
    Open your windows every day for at least 10 minutes. The fresh airflow will make you feel more energetic.

The DON’Ts in Winter Holiday Cleaning

This period is stressful enough with all the gifts, family gatherings and long dinners. Don’t make it even more nerve-racking and avoid the following cleaning mistakes in your London home:

  • Do not waste time cleaning under heavy furniture. Even your noisy aunt won’t go under the sofa to check for cobwebs.
  • Forget about window washing in winter. All reputable London cleaning companies advise leaving this chore for the warmer months.
  • Don’t botter deep-washing your upholstery or carpets. You will need to do it after the Holidays anyway so save your time and money and invest them in your family.
  • Don’t go overboard with dusting. Nobody is going to look at the top of your wardrobes.
  • Avoid experimenting with new brands of cleaning detergents. You don’t want to end up with a huge discoloured stain on your upholstery a couple of hours before your guests come.

Don’t overthink it too much and just have fun!

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Stephanie Cooper

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