There is a lot of information on the internet regarding different hacks and cleaning technics when it comes to dealing with your upholstery. However, there are not enough useful tips on what to avoid doing. That is precisely why we have decided to make this guide and teach you what to avoid when cleaning the upholstery in your London home.

1. Do Not Leave Stains to Dry Off

You may have already heard this one but since it’s so important, we will repeat it again. Always clean the stains while they are still fresh and the dirt isn’t embedded in the fabric. If you can’t deal with it immediately at leat use a wet wipe or kitchen paper and try to remove as much as you can from the spill.

danger for the upholstery2. Do Not Bleach Your Upholstery

The older generation still believes in the “magical” powers of bleach and try to use it every time they clean the home. However, as professional house cleaners will tell you – this chemical concoction causes more damage than good. You have no idea how often people end up burning holes in their couches. If there is a stain, you can’t remove with regular methods, ask for expert help, don’t rely on bleach.

3. Do Not Ignore the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Different fabrics have particular requirements so don’t just assume that one cleaning method will work for all of your upholstery. For example, synthetic and leather fabrics need to be approached differently as one is more delicate than the other. Always read the labels and inform yourself properly before attempting to clean your upholstery for the first time.

4. Do Not Use the Wrong Cleaning Methods

Some fabrics can be only dry cleaned, others react better to wet methods. Make sure you are properly informed and are using the correct technic and products. In some cases, it is better to seek the help of a professional upholstery cleaning company. Thankfully there are a lot to choose from in London.

Wet sponge5. Do Not Soak Your Upholstery in Water

When cleaning a stain or just refreshing the fabric with a damp towel remember that water is not your friend when it comes to on the spot upholstery cleaning. Never use dripping wet cloths or sponges as the water will penetrate deep into cushioning of tour furniture and it will be extremely hard to dry everything up. Not to mention you will be creating the perfect environment for all sorts of germs.

6. Do Not Forget to Perform a Patch Test

This is important especially if you are going to use a new product on your upholstery. Pick a place, somewhere not easily visible like on the bottom of the sofa and swatch the new solvent on a small patch of fabric. Leave it for some time just to see what will happen and whether or not the chemicals will harm the fabric.

7. Do Not Use the Wrong Cleaning Tools

Having the right set of cleaning utensils is one of the most important requirements when it comes to upholstery washing. For example, if you scrub your sofa with a hard metal brush, you will most definitely damage the fabric. On the other hand, some stains need a more stern approach. Invest some money and make sure you are appropriately equipped to wash your upholstery.

pets in a London house8. Do Not Forget to Vacuum Your Upholstery

This is the number one mistake people tend to make. They go straight to the stain removing and washing, and it’s not the correct way. Our London cleaning experts advise to always hover your upholstery with the appropriate vacuum attachment to remove the dust and hairs first.

Stephanie Cooper

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