Summer is the perfect season for doing some household work like painting the walls, washing the windows or cleaning the upholstery. You feel full of energy, the days are longer and the weather is warmer. Perfect conditions for a fast clean up before you organise a yard or pool party. For just such occasions we’ve decided to create a fast upholstery cleaning guide. You don’t want your guest to sit on dirty furniture, right?

You Need to Have a Plan

Everything is better with a detailed plan. Here is what you need to take into consideration:

  • What is the weather outside? If you live in London, the probability of rain can spoil your yard-party plans and you can skip on the upholstery cleaning of your outdoor furniture.
  • How much time do you have until the guests arrive? Usually, one or two hours are enough to prepare everything.
  • Are you hosting your gathering outside or indoors? No need to scrub the couch if your friends will be hanging out down by the pool.

Then you need to check if you have all of the necessary cleaning tools:

  • Microfibre cloths;
  • A brush with soft bristles;
  • An old toothbrush;
  • Soap;
  • Backing soda;
  • Wet wipes;

How to Start Your Upholstery Cleaning

If you want to do things like a professional and make your upholstery look great you need to do everything as the reputable London cleaners:

  • Get your vacuum cleaner out and clean your soft furniture.
  • Hover the cushions of your outside furniture as well.
  • Wipe everything with a damp microfibre cloth.

Now you have removed the initial layer of dust and dirt and you are ready to proceed with a thorough inspection of the fabric. Locate the stains and try to guess what made them. This will help you with the next stage.

Time To Clean Some Stains

The most frequently found stains on furniture especially if you have pets or children are from:

  • Food
  • Juice
  • Vomit/cat hairballs
  • Markers or pens
  • Wine
  • Blood
  • Urine

Some of them you can completely remove, others will, unfortunately, stay forever on your upholstery. When you are tight on time, you really can’t go into full-blown washing mode, so consider the following cleaning tricks:

  • Sprinkle baking soda on top of your furniture and cushions and leave it for 10 minutes. Then vacuum everything. The Sodium bicarbonate will absorb all nasty odours and will leave your upholstery smelling fresh.
  • Flip the couch cushions to hide the stain. Deal with it after the party.
  • Use wet wipes to remove the stains from pet vomit or cat hairballs. Use alcohol ones as the ingredients are harsher and it will have a better effect. They will at least leave a nice smell and won’t make wet spots on your furniture.
  • Use a little soap and the old toothbrush to try to remove small spots from the fabric.

The Best Upholstery Cleaning Method According to Our London Experts

The majority of upholstery fabrics cand be deep-cleaned in a couple of minutes if you have the right tool. We are of course talking about a steam cleaner. This technic leaves the furniture looking like brand new, it is safe and it doesn’t utilise any cleaning chemicals. If you don’t own the machine, you can always book deep-upholstery cleaning services. All London companies will be happy to provide you with them.

Some Pro Upholstery Cleaning Tips

If you wish to avoid this chore all together there are a few professional tricks you might want to follow:

  • Do not leave stains unattended. The moment you see a spot try to clean it. The more it stays on the fabric the harder it gets to remove it afterwards.
  • Always read the labels on your upholstery. You need to be aware of the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Use specialised cleaning products. For example, do not wipe leather fabric with a product for wool upholstery.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia or chlorine. They damage your upholstery beyond repair.
  • At least once a year, book professional upholstery cleaning services for your London home.

Now you are ready to host your fabulous summer party!

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.