You put a lot an effort in maintaining your home clean and organised, but what if you tell you you need to care even more for your workplace. You spend there sometimes more than 40-50 hours a week and if your surroundings are not tidy your productivity and motivation will greatly suffer. Here is what you need to know when it comes to office cleaning and living a healthy life.

Educate Your Colleagues

It is important to understand how vital is the clean environment for proper brain work and overall well-being. Once a month, organise an office cleaning done by your employees. You don’t have to make them wash the carpets or clean the toilets, rather focus on the reorganising of the common room and their desk space. Studies show people do their job better and are generally more concentrated and happy when their office environment is tidy, the air is fresh and there are surrounded by greenery.

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

planning an office cleaning in LondonHaving a good organisation and time management does not apply only for the actual office work. To keep the order and pleasant atmosphere, you need to create a cleaning schedule.
If you are a small business and have only a couple of employees, it often means they are the people responsible for the tidying up at the end of the day. Make sure to distribute the chores equally and fairly.
If you are using the services of a cleaning company, make sure all of your employees know who is doing what and when. This way it will be easier for them to plan their day. For example, if you know your office is being vacuumed every Wednesday at 7 am, and you need to make an urgent early call, you will organise your work and do it from home.

Office Cleaning Is Not As Easy as It Looks

Due to the large number of people entering and exiting the office buildings every day, you need to use professional cleaning detergents. They are stronger, sanitise better and have a long-lasting effect. Another significant difference is made by the tools used. Powerful hovers and professional steam cleaners are a must when it comes to the proper cleansing of the workplace.

The Cleaning Chores in the Office

To be fair there are not much different from the ones you perform at home. Here is what you need to remember:

cleaning an office in London

  • Vacuumingdue to the large foot traffic in the office all the carpets and rugs must be hoovered every day.
  • Toilet cleaning – if you want to have a healthy germ-free office, the toilets and bathrooms must be sanitised daily. Take special care in wiping the stool doors and doorknobs.
  • Disinfect the workplaces – The majority of bacteria in the office lives on your keyboard, phone handle, and desk in general. Use sanitising wet wipes to clean up everything at the end of the day.
  • Organise the common room/kitchen – The important thing here is to toss the accumulated rubbish every day and clean the fridge once a week. This will prevent the development of mould, mildew and other nasty fungi.
  • Deep-clean the kitchen appliances – We are talking about coffee machines, water dispensers, microwaves and fridges. All must be disinfected following the manufacturers’ guidelines. You have no idea how many germs live in office coffee machines.
  • Open the windows – It is important to ensure fresh air flow in the workspace. For that to happen, you need to open the windows at least for 15 minutes every day, even in winter.

Hire a Reputable Cleaning Company

Last but definitely not least is finding cleaners that you can trust. In a large metropolitan like London, there are tons of options, however, you must be wary and properly research all candidates. Before contacting the office cleaning companies, you have picked, you need to answer a few very important questions:

  • window cleaning What is your budget? – This is the starting point of every conversation. If you don’t have the answer ready, you will find yourself in a pickle.
  • Do you want to hire them for a single job, or it is a permanent one? – With small businesses, it is more wisely to hire a cleaning company once every couple of months.
  • What services you want them to perform on a daily/weekly basis and which ones need to be done periodically? – For example, you don’t have to wash your windows externally every week, but your floors must be mopped daily.

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