A salute to everyone tired of hosting Christmas parties and cleaning afterwards each year! A salute to their decision not to do it this year! We understand how much work you put into it and you’re probably your friends’ Christmas party heroes. But every hero needs a rest, right? So, if you’ve decided to actually relax during this holiday season – good for you. Don’t forget to pack up your smile and holiday spirit along with everything else you’ll need.

It’s Awesome Not the Be the Host, but…

Celebrating Christmas away from home has one main perk – you’re not the one responsible for everything. You just need your presents wrapped and ready, and your party mood on. Ok, maybe offering your help to the host from time to time is a must, but that’s pretty much it. Oh, and one more thing…You might not like it, but it should be done – do some house cleaning before you leave London.
Not being the party host this year doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t lift a finger. After all, it’s your home we’re talking about. It should be kept clean and tidy even if you’re going to be out of London for the festive period. Also, let’s not overestimate the feeling of coming to a nice and clean home after the holidays. The only thing you should worry about then is which film to watch.

The List with Cleaning Chores for Every Room

To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve prepared the main things to be done going from one room to another in your home. So let’s start the tour and make sure we finish in time.

  • Tidy up the bedroom

Change the sheets and make your bed. You wouldn’t love it if you came home and had to do that, right? Don’t we all want to crawl up in our own bed after travelling? Do yourself a favour and prepare your bed for your return. Vacuuming the carpets if any and mopping the floor should take long, but you can call up some domestic cleaners in London to give you a hand.

  • Don’t leave the kitchen dirty

Let’s start here by emptying the fridge. Get to cooking or give away the food you have, but don’t leave it in the fridge. It depends on how long you’ll be gone of course but still, you wouldn’t like to come home to a smelly kitchen.

Speaking of smelly – better take out the garbage and don’t leave any dishes in the sink. If you have a dishwasher – check it and run one last cycle before leaving.

Clean the kitchen robot, the toaster and the coffee machine. Wipe down the sink and the countertops, removing anything sticky and make sure to clean the stove as well. Coming home to a shiny kitchen is always an invitation for a nice dinner-cooking session.
Don’t be scared by the amount of the chores. This is pretty much the usual house cleaning you’d do every now and then. Doing it ahead of time will be of service only to you and your peace of mind.

  • Make sure the living room/area is on point

Here we would again suggest vacuuming, mopping, taking care of the dust – check mostly your telly and bookshelves. Take out any trash and move things back to the place they actually belong. Make sure the couch is looking good, and that’s pretty much it for a quick cleaning session.

  • Shine up the bathroom

Just like the kitchen, a bathroom is a place the cleaning of which takes a bit more time. It has to be done carefully and thoroughly. If you have any empty cosmetics containers – shampoo or shower gel bottles, cream tubes, cosmetic jars, etc. make sure you throw them out. Wipe down the mirror, the toilet and outside of cupboards. Replace the towels with fresh ones, leave new toilet paper and check if the hand soap needs a refill. The bathtub should be washed up as well. If this seems too time-consuming and you’re already behind the schedule with the presents, you may think about calling up professionals. Each domestic cleaning company in London would probably be ready with your bathroom by the time you’ve put the bow on the last gift box.

  • Entryway

Well, this shouldn’t be that hard. Just make sure when you leave for the holidays there aren’t any coats on the hangers. This being said, bring back to your wardrobe everything that won’t be worn soon. Sweep any dust and dirt off the floor, and mop it quickly.

Last-Minute House Cleaning Tips

This is the last one, but it’s very important – don’t forget to turn off all home appliances. If it will be easier, you can do it room by room just like the cleaning. The toaster, the coffee machine, the kitchen robot, the telly – make sure you have nothing plugged in. One could never be sure how bad the weather can get. Remember, a lighting strike travels through all available paths and such are metal plumbing, wires, cables, etc. Plugging off would prevent small or more severe damages to your appliances. Oh, and water the plants, if you have any.

There’s nothing better than coming after the holidays to a clean and tidy home. You don’t have to worry about sweeping, tidying or anything like that. Whether you do it by yourself or you hire a house cleaning company in London, you are making your future self a huge favour.

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.