Professional cleaning companies differ from individual cleaners; because we combine all the skills of our workforce, we’re able to offer a far larger variety of cleaning services than you’d get from any one cleaner alone. At Top Cleaners, we provide an exceptionally large range of services, including spring cleaning and deluxe upholstery cleaning, but we’ve found that our domestic clients (as opposed to our corporate/office clients) tend to find the following most helpful:-

Regular household cleaning

As you’d expect, this comprises all the services you might have once got from a daily, including vacuum-cleaning, dusting, polishing and tidying. Household cleaning will also take care of any stray cobwebs that are clinging to high-up and hard-to-reach parts of the walls. Skirting boards will be fully refreshed and left without so much as a trace of dust. The inside panes of windows will be left spotless and with a wholesome, sparkling freshness. Any picture-frames, artworks and objets d’arts will be dusted and cared for, too, while finger-smudges left on light switches will be wiped away. A regular household cleaning service essentially leaves your property in a fully refreshed and pristine state so that you can enjoy getting on with life.  More about regular household cleaning services in London

End-of-tenancy cleaning

Popular both with tenants and estate agents, end-of-tenancy cleaning removes every last trace of a tenant from a property, so that it’s perfectly ready for the incoming occupant. A good end-of-tenancy clean will involve more than one set of hands; sometimes a whole team will do a fast, thorough blitz of the property, so that it gets done in record time. Each team member will tackle a particular room, with one person perhaps assigned to connecting corridors, landings and the entry hall. Nothing, absolutely nothing, gets left out. End-of-tenancy cleans can also help prevent tenants from getting unnecessary deductions made on their damage deposits. More about our London end-of-tenancy cleaning service.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an art that requires several stages to be at its most effective. Vacuuming usually comes first, after which the carpet is sprayed with a pre-clean treatment that starts working instantly, readying the carpet for the steam-clean that will come later, so that as much dirt and grime as possible gets loosened up and shifted. Often using state-of-the-art equipment, the final stage is the steam-clean which not only removes stubborn dirt and stains, but also decontaminates thanks to the heated steam and its germ-busting effects. In many cases, a good carpet clean will leave you with fresh-as-new carpet without damaging intricate fibres. More about our London carpet cleaning service.

Top Cleaners London – Who We Are And What We Do

All three of these services – regular domestic cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning – are readily available via Top Cleaners. In fact, our online booking and payment systems are so easy, you could have experts at your door today. And in addition to these three services, we also offer the following:-

Office cleaning

What could be more demoralising to work in than a worn-down, dirty office? The Top Cleaners London office service works on daily, weekly or monthly basis, or simply whenever the need arises. At unbeatable rates, we’ll tackle your work-space, leaving no corner untended. Our dedicated account-managers can also help devise a bespoke cleaning program that best looks after your needs, without saddling you with anything superfluous or unnecessary.

Spring cleaning

The idea of tackling a spring-clean by yourself is enough to have most of us hiding under the covers, unwilling to face the seemingly insurmountable task. But spring-cleaning with Top Cleaners London makes it all so straightforward. Your home gets cleaned and sorted right down to the contents of every last cupboard, and you can forget about it all for at least another year.

After-builders cleaning

Even the best, most conscientious builders leave a trail of destruction in their wake. And you’re left with it all to grapple with. Top Cleaners London can take care of it in a trice. We have specialist cleaners who excel in this particular field – we don’t just assign anyone to the task. After-builders cleaning requires a specific kind of expertise and once that’s in motion, all you have to do is relax.

Cleaning London quotes

You can get a quick, easy-to-read quotation from Top Cleaners London. There’s no minimum-term contract and we have flexible payment options designed to suit your wallet. We’ve been doing what we do for nearly twenty years and this is reflected in our levels of expertise and insider knowledge. Booking with us is seamless and easy; just choose your required service(s) and you’ll see that each one comes with a handy estimate of the time we’ll need. For example, a two-seater sofa needs about 45 minutes of work, while a carpet-clean of a sitting room is 30 minutes.

Cleaning London prices

Unlike price comparison sites that can lead you to the cheapest cleaners but often at a great cost to quality, with Top Cleaners you’re getting something that’s affordable without any sacrifice of service. Have a glance at our Prices page and you’ll see everything, from curtain cleaning to wood-floor polishing, itemised along with its price.

Top Cleaners London brings together every conceivable cleaning requirement under one roof. There’s no more having to juggle a contacts book full of different types of cleaners. We have them all, from the trustiest, most hardworking upholstery cleaners to the best, most experienced leather sofa experts. Whether you’re renting or a homeowner, a small company or a vast multi-national, you’ll want to keep us close at hand. It’s easy to book Top Cleaners either online or by telephone and we can be with you the very same day. Say goodbye to cleaning woes and unnecessary complications, mix-ups and errors; we only work with the very best and most dependable; that’s why our ratings are so frequently through the roof.

Stephanie Cooper

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