Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a clean and presentable London home at all times? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could achieve it with minimum effort and in no time? Believe it or not, it’s all possible.
Our professional house cleaners who clean on a regular basis know how to get that glam look and today, they’ll spill their secrets. Well, it’s one secret really, but such that will impact your housekeeping for good – it’s a weekly cleaning schedule! The pros swear this is the key to maintaining your home in a top-notch form and not break a sweat. Here’s how to make it work:

House Cleaning Until It’s Good Enough

The first rule of the weekly schedule is to keep cleaning sessions at 15 minute long slots, tops. The goal is to do what you can for that amount of time and continue with your normal day-to-day activities. After all, you’ll do the same chore next week or even sooner, if you have it in your daily list. Besides, we promised you wouldn’t feel the cleaning, right? The bottom line: don’t strive to be perfect, get it done instead. It’ll be hard to get in the mindset at first but eventually, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

The Cleaning Kit Our House Cleaners Recommend

For this cleaning schedule to work, preparation is everything. You can save some precious minutes and put them in better use (we mean cleaning, of course) by having all your cleaning supplies neatly gathered into a handy cleaning kit.

If it takes you 5 minutes to gather your stuff, you’re already failing with the task. A cheap cleaning caddy will be your best friend and for bonus points – get a few of those, pack them with your favourite products and tools and place them in each room.

Your basic cleaning supplies should include:

  • Double-sided sponges;
  • Microfiber;
  • Cleaning brushes;
  • Paper towel roll;
  • Rubber gloves;
  • A bucket and a mop;
  • Vacuum;
  • Cleaning;
  • Spray bottles;
  • Glass cleaner;
  • Tub and tile cleaner;
  • Disinfectant;
  • All-purpose cleaner;
  • Dish soap;
  • White vinegar and baking soda;

Plan Your House Cleaning in London Beforehand

The thing that’ll save you most time is knowing what to do once you pick up your cleaning caddy. For instance, if you’re going to mop up the hallway, make that the day you mop up all other floors of the same type. Group tasks of similar kind and tackle them at once. It’ll take you twice as much time and effort to deal with different types of tasks like, say, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom in one day.

Use a Checklist to Keep Track of Cleaning Chores

An oldie but goodie, this is one of the unwritten rules of every house cleaner. To not lose track of your progress, it’s best to have your weekly cleaning schedule written down and printed in a form of a simple checklist. We swear by this, and ticking off those boxes will be one of the most satisfactory daily achievements of yours.

The Weekly Cleaning Schedule for Your London Home

Now that you’ve got your mind set on the task, it’s time to get to actual work, if you could even name it that way. Use this sample schedule for a couple of weeks until you get a good sense on what to tweak to make it fit your needs better:


  • Vacuum carpeted areas;
  • Put bathroom towels for a wash;
  • Clean common area floors;


  • Clean the master bathroom;
  • Dust surfaces;
  • Clean glass doors and mirrors;


  • Clean common area floors;
  • Clean the entryway;
  • Wipe off kitchen furniture;


  • Clean children and guest bathrooms;
  • Deep clean the kitchen and sort out the fridge;
  • Vacuum carpeted areas;


  • Clean common area floors;
  • Clean desks and the laundry room;
  • Mop the kitchen floor;


  • Wash up bed linens;
  • Pickup closets and wash dirty clothes;


  • Get toys, books and papers in order;
  • Dust surfaces;

As promised, it’s nothing too hard. In fact, keeping on top of these cleaning chores will result in a clutter-free home in no time. The best part – you won’t even feel like you’ve been cleaning at all. From there, it’ll be much easier to disinfect the kitchen or bathroom, to do a deep cleaning session of your London home or to even purge your old clothes from the wardrobe.

Stephanie Cooper

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