Everybody cleans, and almost everybody hates it. An interesting fact not many people know is that there are a right way and a wrong way of doing the house cleaning chores. If you clean correctly your will gradually start to spend less and less time on this dull task. Here is a list that will help you learn what not to do and how to avoid it.

Cleaning Stains After They Are Dried Out

clean red wine stain from a London house

The most frequent mistake every household do is to leave the fresh stains uncleaned. No matter what it is and where it is, it must be cleaned right away or else it may damage or permanently stain the surface. The most hazardous substances that must be cleaned immediately are:

  • red wine;
  • white wine;
  • blood;
  • Sharpie or permanent marker;
  • tomato sauce;
  • oil and grease;

Dusting Mistakes

If you think dusting is easy you most certainly are making some, if not all, of the mistakes listed below:
Cleaning the dust with a dry cloth – this will only result in transferring the tiny particles from one place to another. Always use a moist microfibre or cotton cloth when you are wiping the dust.
Using only a feather duster – the plus side of this type of tool is to use it to reach a high place, like on the top of the bookshelf, for example. The feather duster contrary to the common beliefs doesn’t actually clean, it only moves the particles from one place to another more often to the lower shelves or to the ground. Use your vacuum cleaner’s dust brush or a wet cloth to clean properly.

When You Don’t Make a Proper Use of Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Attachments

This is a typical problem in almost every household. When you buy a vacuum cleaner, you usually leave the attachments in the box and forget about them. They, however, are made to help and simplify the cleaning process and it is a pity not to utilise them properly. Here is a brief guide created by our London professional cleaners on the purpose of each attachment:

  • carpet cleaning in a London houseDusting brush – it is round with long bristles, and it is used to clean the dust out of high shelves, books, wall art and pictures.
  • Crevice tool– it is long and thin with an angled tip and helps you get to the tight spots – under furniture, between sofa cushions, etc.
  • Extension wand – this tool is specifically made so you can clean the most unreachable places – sealing corners, wardrobe tops, etc.
  • Upholstery tool – it looks exactly like a miniature copy of your original vacuum cleaner’s brush but it has a special line of fabric on one of its sides. This helps with collecting pet hairs and fibres from your furniture.

Always Use Cleaning Protection

You must never overlook the importance of rubber gloves. Human skin is very delicate and absorbent. You must always wear gloves when using non-natural cleaners, especially if you are cleaning the toilet, tiles or drains. Cleaning solutions that contain ammonia or chlorine can easily burn your skin and cause rashes and an allergic reaction. Even the simplest task like cleaning the dishes has to be done with gloves. The dishwashing liquid dries the skin and nails.

Window Cleaning in a Sunny Day

window cleaning in a London houseIf you live in London, this won’t be a problem for you but it is still a good thing to know. If you have decided that today will be the big house cleaning day, and outside the sun is shining and the birds are singing, ignore your windows. Glass cleaners tend to dry very fast on direct sunlight which makes it very hard to properly clean them. In addition, the sunshine will reflect from your windows, and you won’t be able to see clearly if there are any stains or spots left. You will end up with big smudges, and you will need to clean your windows again. The perfect weather for this cleaning job is when it is cloudy outside or in the late afternoon when the sun is low enough.

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