Keeping your upholstery clean has many advantages. The first advantage is obviously aesthetics. Cleaning the upholstery regularly will keep it fresh and inviting. Second, regular cleaning will prevent dust, pollen, and other pollutants from settling on your sofa or furniture. This can reduce incidences of allergy and other health problems in your family.

Now that you know the benefits, what can you do to keep your London upholstery in good condition? Here are some tips.

Vacuum the upholstery every week

Vacuum your London upholstery every week as part of general cleaning. This will prevent dirt from embedding in the fabric. If you have some more time, brush the upholstery once or twice a week. This will remove any dirt that settles on the upholstery in the interval. Do not forget to use a soft-bristled brush.

Clean spills quickly

The best thing is to avoid spilling anything on the upholstery. And the next best thing is to clean the spill as quickly as possible. London upholstery manufacturers apply repellents to their upholstery products for this very reason (to prevent absorption of spills), but it may not be enough. If you spill some liquid on the upholstery, wipe it quickly with a clean cloth.

Do not rub the liquid. You may have to call in a cleaning professional to clean the spill thoroughly. You can also protect your upholstery from stains and spills with slipcovers.

Turn the cushions

One of the best ways to extend the life of your upholstery is to flip the cover and change the position of the cushions. This will distribute the wear and tear evenly. Switch the cushions from one part of the sofa to another (also turn them over). Some parts of the sofa will be used more than others, so turning the cushions over and changing their position will ensure that all the cushions are equally used.

Avoid pollutants and sunlight

Sunlight can cause fabrics to lose their colour and become frayed. So do not let the upholstery be in the sun for extended periods of time. Smoke and cooking fumes can also fade the upholstery. You may not be able to prevent it, but you can ventilate the house. Greater ventilation will also help with odour control because fabrics absorb odours easily.

Get the upholstery cleaned by a professional occasionally

Every few months, call in a professional London upholstery cleaner and have the upholstery cleaned. He will bring in the latest cleaning equipment and after he is done, the upholstery will look almost like new. So do not wait for the upholstery to become dirty. The dirtier the upholstery, the more difficult it is to clean it.

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