Which Are The Cleaning Mistakes We Make Most Often

  • Which Are The Cleaning Mistakes We Make Most Often

We’re so used to cleaning that we tend to do it mechanically, not taking into account the small details that can ruin even our best efforts. It may be the case that the children wanted to demonstrate their artistic skills with some fast-drying paint or the pets felt too lonely and bored and decided to play with old newspapers and books.

You’ve just come home after a long day at work and discovered that you’re not the only one who’s been busy all day. The rush of cleaning the housing, especially when expecting guest, can be overwhelming.

If you don’t want to fall into that trap or have the case of the especially sticky spots on drapes and hangings keep in mind Top Cleaners’ exclusive curtain cleaning for the Central London region.

On request, we will pre-test your most precious drapes to verify their safety. All loose dust left will also be carefully taken care of.

Our services also include full house cleaning for the occasions when you’re expecting special guests and everything’s a mess. Top Cleaners personnel is composed only of the best trained and fully qualified professionals that will handle your home with the care and gentleness like it’s their own.

When cleaning the house on your own try and conduct the least favourite chores first. It will get them out of the way and you won’t have to worry that you’ve left anything behind. Vacuuming is among the top 5 that most people list as their most detestable responsibility, so you can easily let that one be in the hands of the Top Cleaners team.

Dishwashers often stop functioning well because we tend to either put in them dishes still with leftover food on them or wash them fully beforehand. That’s one of the common mistakes we make when cleaning. Scrubbing the plates and glasses is good but it renders using the dishwasher at all pointless. This damages the machine so make your choice if you prefer to clean them only by hand or mechanically.

Taking a walk in the park on a rainy day by yourself or taking the dog with you can be fun and refreshing. But only if you aren’t the one scrubbing the floor from the soggy paw or shoe prints. If you happen to possess a carpet, things get even worse. Now might be the right time to call Top Cleaners and make great use of our carpet cleaning service. We’ll start with vacuuming and make our way up to the pre-spray treatment and deep scrub.

When cleaning the floor most people like to leave the tile cleaners to stay for some time before starting to scrub thinking the liquid will need a couple of minutes to absorb, break down the dirt and kill the bacteria. That is the case but you don’t have to scrub fiercely thereafter. Letting the cleaners sit for a while means that it does the job for you. So don’t give yourself a sore arm for the next morning. Just wipe it away.

Not cleaning the cleaning tools will leave your housing with invisible germs. Haven’t you recently taken a look at the gray and black sections of your cloths and mops? How about the unemptied vacuum cleaning bags that have been full for months? Continuing to furbish and burnish your home with dirty aids means you’ve been working hard with no results. They won’t pick up or remove muck.
Always do a regular check-up and buy new ones every two or three months if you want to keep a nice and tidy house.

But keep in mind that if you don’t want to go through that trouble you can always call London’s top cleaning service at 0207 205 2626 and let us do your domestic cleaning and carpet cleaning for you.


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