Whether you’re revamping your home or updating your company’s office, it’s essential that every carpet is in the best condition possible. You have two choices; the first is buying new carpets for each room. The other is to use a professional cleaning company like Top Cleaners. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, here are some points to consider before booking.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth the Cost?

When it comes to a household carpet, there are three main reasons for hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

  1. Longevity– Simply put, your carpets will last you whole lot longer
  2. Health – professionally cleaned carpets have far less allergies, bacteria and other potentially toxic particles
  3. Appearance – Enjoy your carpets unsoiled in their original colours and textures

Regardless of whether you do this yourself or get a professional company, every carpet needs a thorough clean every six-to-twelve months. This is to avoid any lasting damage to the carpet’s fibres from dirt or food spillages. Our carpets are also subject to thousands of footsteps every week, and it all takes its toll.

This is a lesser-known or discussed issue with carpets, but it’s one you’ll struggle to forget after reading this. Your carpet is a filter or sponge; it absorbs allergens, dust, bacteria and other particles. As the fibres become worn, these elements can be rereleased into your home. And while this is unlikely to cause any significant illness, harmful bacteria can still lead to stomach and digestive issues.

Cleaning your carpets regularly is the best way to avoid purchasing new ones. A decent carpet should last you anywhere from ten-to-fifteen years, depending on the manufacturer’s advice. But this is only feasible with proper maintenance and regular, thorough cleaning. And let’s not forget that it’s not just a case of buying new carpets. You’ll be outlaying money to have a carpet fitter, in addition to moving all your belongings around.

Things to Remember Before You Book Carpet Cleaners

It’s crucial that you put in some research time and find a company with a strong reputation for excellent customer service. And it’s easier than you think. Platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot provide people with information from past customers, which include a rating out of five. Essentially, you want to use a company with lots of five-star reviews but it’s important to read customer feedback.

The next task is to request a quote from any companies that have a decent reputation. And it would help if you only considered using providers who offer free, no-obligation quotes. Furthermore, press them to ensure that their quote is the final cost. Some companies sneak in hidden fees or charge for services outside of the quote. At Top Cleaners, we provide free quotes and our rates are below industry standards.

And it’s worth testing any prospective cleaning company to make sure they answer all your questions promptly. Please remember this – there is no such thing as a bad question. Ask lots of them and don’t feel like you’re a pain. The Top Cleaners team are more than happy to provide you with thorough information, and we’ll assign a contact person for you when you book with us.

Top Cleaners – London’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service –

Top Cleaners offers a comprehensive, high-quality and efficient cleaning services for people and businesses in London. We employ expert cleaning operatives with decades’ worth of experience. Every cleaning team has the best cleaning equipment and products available to undertake any type of job.

At Top Cleaners, we’re fully insured, and our team members all undergo a thorough vetting process. We never cut corners and aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction on every job we sign on for. Our services are available for one-off jobs, as well as ongoing regular contracts. Whether you need a full house clean every fortnight or a construction site clearance, no problem. We have the right professional cleaning package for your requirements.

If you’d like to discuss our carpet cleaning service, please contact us today. We guarantee to bring your carpets back to their original glory for an affordable price.

Stephanie Cooper

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