Why Pick Top Cleaners London for Your Curtain Cleaning

  • Effectively removing all dust, dirt, stains, odours, and pollutants
  • Curtains are cleaned on-site, so no need to take them down
  • Pre-testing the fabric and using specialist cleaning solvents
  • Eliminates the risk of colour or blending during the cleaning
  • Fully qualified cleaning teams with extensive fibre knowledge
  • Gentle handling of delicate fabrics to avoid potential damage

Have you ever examined your swags, tails, and pelmets to see how much dust has collected on the surfaces? Just like carpets, your curtains act as air filters. They catch and hold airborne dust and odours. Thus they need regular maintenance and cleaning, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. With 20 years of experience in the cleaning business, Top Cleaners London is one of the most popular and well-known companies in the British capital. Our diligent technicians are well versed in the art of stain removal and fabric care. We clean all around the edges and promise that your curtains will look, smell, and feel great.

Curtain Steam Cleaning by Top Cleaners

Top Cleaners has a specific washing procedure that allows the drapes to stay at their original place, as our technicians will work while they are still hanging. Here is what you can expect from our curtain cleaning service:

  • The cleaners will do a pre-testing of your curtains in an unseen area to carefully check that they are safe for cleaning.
  • Depending on the results and the type of fabric we are dealing with, the most suitable detergents will be chosen.
  • If needed, stained areas will be pre-treated separately to loosen the embedded dirt and dust.
  • Using powerful and effective water extraction methods and equipment, our technicians will clean your curtains.
  • If the customer wants, we can apply dust repellent and/or fabric deodorizer to the curtains to keep them fresh-looking for a longer period.

Bear in mind that some fabrics don’t react well when exposed to water. In these cases, we can offer a dry cleaning option as well.

You could successfully combine this service with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or even add it to the regular house cleaning service.


If you need more information about this or other of our cleaning services, feel free to hop to the FAQ page.

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