Why Choose Top Cleaners for Your Curtain Cleaning in London

  • Curtains cleaned on-site – as they hang in place. You will not have to be concerned about taking your curtains down and you will have not have to worry about getting them up again

  • Pre-testing your curtains in an unseen area to carefully check that they are safe for cleaning.

  • All loose dust vacuumed with our special curtain cleaning tools, before deeper cleaning to remove embedded dust, stains and odours.

  • The gentle handling of your curtains to ensure that no damage is caused to delicate fabrics.

  • The uses of specialist cleaning solutions and solvents, which eliminates the risk of colour change or colour blending.

  • The knowledge that full-qualified professionals have cleaned your curtains to remove all dust, dirt, stains, odours and pollutants.

  • You will have a fresher, healthier, safer, cleaner indoor environment.

Curtain Cleaning

Top Cleaners offers professional curtain cleaning in London. Have you ever examined your swags, tails, and pelmets to see how much dust has collected on the surfaces? Just like carpets, your curtains act as air filters. They catch and hold airborne dust and odours. Test this for yourself with a simple sniff-test. Place the curtain fabric close to your nose and smell it. You will soon know if they are fresh and clean, or stale and dirty.

Top Cleaners cleans curtains on-site, as they hang on your walls. With our special equipment, there is no need to take your curtains down.

We clean all around the edges and promise that your curtains will look, smell, and feel great. You could combine curtain cleaning with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or even add it as an additional service to the London house cleaning service.

Get a fresh clean curtain today!

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