We have compiled a list with the most frequently asked questions about the cleaning services Top Cleaners offers. If you still can’t find an answer to your query, feel free to contact us via the contact form and we will be right back at you as soon as possible.

That is the risk associated with the cleaning activities. Many companies in our branch operate only with Public Liability Insurance. That only covers the property where the cleaning is taking place, but treatment risk is something different. It includes damages caused by the activity itself. For example, if a carpet is ruined or shrunk because of wrongly used equipment or products, this will not be covered by the Public Liability Insurance. It will require a specific clause of a treatment risk. Most insurance companies will not offer this protection unless they know the cleaning agency has some knowledge and experience in the field. Hence why only about 10% of the companies have a Treatment Risk included. Top Cleaners is a part of that 10 %, so we got you covered.

We try to keep all rates included in the final price and not impose different add-on charges, often associated with shady practices. However, depending on the time spent at the property and the specific area, we may add the parking fees. Central London is quite expensive, and a day’s worth of cleaning can equate to about £40 in parking fees. Therefore, we always inform our customers if there are any additional taxes before calculating the final price.

Full advance payment or deposit of 50% is required when a booking is confirmed. This is to reserve the slot and not to assign a particular team to any other jobs. All the work comes with a guarantee, so there is nothing to worry about.

The eco-friendly products are not as strong as the more conventional products. However, we would encourage any customer who cares for the environment to use them. Top Cleaners can source a range of products and use Jangro professional cleaning detergents, specifically supplied to our industry. All carpet cleaning products are safe for pets and children. All products have their COSHH information on file and can be provided to the customer on request.

No. Our professional cleaning company doesn’t bind its customers in any way with a written contract as it’s not a widespread practice in London.
We only require payment on completion and offer a full guarantee on all services.

Most of the time, we provide quotes based on the information received from the potential customer without assessing the property. Due to the COVID pandemic, we stopped doing on-site surveys. However, if required, we can offer a video survey.

The person who manages the booking is also responsible for the payment. In this sense, if your landlord is responsible for the cleaning, they will be the ones who get the bill.

You can pay using our online form, in cash or check. Whichever is more convenient for you.
If you wish, we could also invoice you at the end of each month.

Please let us know within 24hrs of the clean if you are unhappy with the service we provide, and our technicians will re-do the job free of charge. If you are not satisfied with a particular person’s way of working, we can provide you with another technician.

Depending on the type of cleaning, it can take between one and 12 hours until the carpet is completely dry. It takes less if the Hot Water Extraction method is used.

Bear in mind the older a stain is, the harder it gets to remove it. In general, we can clean:

  • alcohol;
  • blood, browning, butter;
  • candle wax, chewing gum, coffee & tea, chocolate, crayons;
  • eggs (raw);
  • food colouring, fruit juice;
  • glue, grass, gravy, grease;
  • ice cream;
  • lily pollen;
  • jam;
  • ketchup;
  • lipstick;
  • mildew, milk, mud, mustard;
  • nail polish;
  • oils;
  • paint;
  • rust;
    shoe polish, soot;
  • tar, toothpaste;
  • urine;
  • vomit;
  • wine;

Stain removal is not an easy job, as not all spots can be treated with the same solvents. Top Cleaners has a pretty good success rate when it comes to overcoming these sorts of difficulties.

We are always happy to receive praise for our work. If one of your friends becomes a weekly customer, thanks to your recommendations, you will get a free cleaning visit as a “Thank you.” It is important for our cleaning company to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and trust.

We can offer you daily, weekly or monthly cleanings of communal areas of office buildings, shared flats and blocks of flats. Please give us a call to arrange an on-site quote.

When you do construction work on your property, the premises will get filled with dust, dirt and drips. Most people don’t have the proper equipment to remove paint, plaster or glue stains, so here is where the after builders cleaning comes in handy. A team of experienced technicians will arrive at your property, and using strong solvents and professional equipment will erase all traces the construction might have left. These services are suitable for both commercial and residential real estate.

It is all about the quality of the services we can provide and the perks that go with them:

  • All of our cleaners are vetted and attend periodical trainings.
  • We supervise the whole process from start to finish, so you don’t need to.
  • Our teams are well paid and have a positive work attitude.
  • We maintain a motivated and dedicated customer service crew.
  • Our regular quality audits help us provide quality cleaning.
  • If you are unhappy with your cleaner, we will assign you a new one free of charge.
  • Top Cleaners has a Public Liability Insurance up to £2,000,000 and an Employers Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000.

Our regular cleaners work Monday to Saturday and tend to do 2 slots per day starting at 9 am or 1-2 pm. We are happy to arrange trial cleans in the evening and at weekends, so that you can get to know your technician and give instructions.

The spring and carpet cleaning teams are available 7 days a week, and our commercial cleaners – 24h, 364 days a year. Please, give us notice to arrange unusual hours.

No, you only pay when you use our services. That said, please inform us about your absence at least 48 hours in advance and set up the date for your first cleaning after your return.

Yes, just call the office with your request a minimum of 48 hours before your next planned visit. Since Top Cleaners works on a schedule with multiple homeowners, we do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

It is up to you to decide whether you will stay or not. It doesn’t make a difference for our cleaners. You need to provide us with a spare key so we can enter the premises. Don’t worry, Top Cleaners is fully insured, and our teams follow a strict protocol in regards to the keys and/or security code to your property.

During the first cleaning session, our technicians are focused on thoroughly removing all of the dirt and dust that has been accumulating for a long time. Once everything is professionally cleaned, we can begin regularly scheduled maintenance of a home. Sometimes the first session can be two or even four times longer, but it is essential to really remove everything.

We make every effort to send the same cleaner each visit. However, sometimes due to illness, holidays, or other reasons, we may have to substitute another technician to clean your home.

There is no problem for us. However, please give us a 48 hours notice, so we can adjust our schedule.

Your cleaning day is guaranteed except for the days with inclement weather. We will do whatever we can to follow your requirements and show on time. If you wish, your cleaner could contact you the day before to confirm all the details.

Yes, you can specify the days for cleaning, and we will make every effort to meet your requirements.

Different options are available depending on the services you want to book. At extra charge, we can supply some standard sanitation products as part of one-off cleaning.

We require customers to provide the detergents and equipment on all regular cleaning services. We can offer assistance in sourcing the best products based on the requirements. We recommend the following:

  • mop and bucket,
  • furniture polish,
  • window and glass cleaner,
  • kitchen cleaner,
  • toilet cleaner
  • limescale remover (e.g. Viakal) or eco-friendly alternatives.

Please ensure your hoover is in good working order, and you have vacuum bags if necessary.

The end of tenancy and after builders cleaning teams are fully geared up with professional, durable equipment and products. This is calculated in the fixed price offer.

Accidents do happen from time to time, and if the damage occurs as a result of our cleaning, we will make every effort to have the item repaired or replaced.

Yes, Top Cleaners has a full Employers Liability cover of £10,000,000 and Public Liability cover of £2,000,000. Which is more important – Treatment Risk is included.
Increased cover can be arranged on request.

No. After a cleaning technician is introduced to you, we will supervise their work and consider your feedback. This way, Top Cleaners will ensure the quality of the services doesn’t drop. Also, there is no introduction fee, so you don’t have to worry about hidden expenses.

We cover all areas within M25 and the Home Counties as we have few branches throughout London.

We specialise in commercial and residential cleaning within the M25 area. Depending on what you want and need, Top Cleaners can offer both one-off and regular services. We have also extended our scope and can deliver excellent property maintenance. In addition, we work with our sister company Top Removals and can provide you with removal or rubbish disposal services.

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