Why Choose Top Cleaners for Your Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning

  • Cleaning methods, compliant with the specific fabric type
  • Professional mattress cleaning with a long-lasting effect
  • Effective stain removal of multiple types of spills & spots
  • Using stain protecting products for more vibrant colours

Each upholstery is different as every fabric has its own unique needs. If you are not careful, you can easily ruin your furniture. Thankfully Top Cleaners London is here to save the day. With extensive knowledge, well-trained teams and professional equipment, we are the right upholstery cleaners for you. But our services are not limited only to that. We also perform detailed mattress cleaning and sanitisation. Top Cleaners is the company to call if you are located in the British capital and need fast and diligent stain removal.

How Top Cleaners Cares for Your Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning requires significant experience not only in fabric washing but also in stain removal. Top Cleaners has developed a 5 step cleaning procedure that ensures the customer will be left satisfied with their upholstery.

  • Our technicians inspect the upholstery and assess the situation – are they many stains, how old they look, what the right detergents to treat them would be, etc.

  • The problem areas are pre-treated with special upholstery cleaning solutions which loosen the embedded dirt.

  • Then using our powerful hot water extracting system, we clean the upholstery. A specifically formulated PH-balancing fibre rinse that removes cleaning solution residue and stubborn dirt is also included.

  • We recommend an application of Scotchgard fabric protection to help keep future dirt and spills from soiling your freshly cleaned surface.

  • Especially for customers with pets, we have another optional step – the application of our enzyme-based deodorizer. This non-toxic and gentle product is designed to attack odour-causing particles in your fabric and keep your furniture smelling clean and fresh longer.

Upholstered furniture is a well-known reservoir of allergens, dust, and dirt particles. Regular professional cleaning of these fabrics will ensure that you experience a safer, cleaner, and healthier indoor living environment. You can successfully combine it with our domestic cleaning service for maximum results.

What Can We Do For Your Mattresses

Mattresses accumulate a huge amount of dust and dirt. Just think about the fact that your skin sheds every night, creating the perfect environment for different kinds of mites and microscopical organisms to develop. That is why proper cleaning and sanitisation are needed every month.

Top Cleaners use specialised equipment and detergents to properly cleanse the fabrics. However, keep in mind that older, untreated stains ( especially biological ones like blood) can’t always be removed, as they cause permanent discolouration of the fabric. Nevertheless, your mattresses will be cleaned, eliminating all of the dust and mites. Our experienced technicians will use а powerful hot water extraction system to treat the fabric and leave your bed looking and smelling fresh and clean.


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