Why Choose Top Cleaners for Your Upholstery Cleaning in London

Top Cleaners offers upholstery and mattress cleaning services in London. The key to Upholstery maintenance is regular cleaning. Upholstery fabrics last longer and look cleaner, if maintained.

We use our furniture everyday, and they are not exempt of getting dirty. When this happens a professional care is needed to maintain the quality of the fabric. Upholstery is made of different fibres, and the cleaning products used are not the same as your carpet solutions. We will inspect each fabric and utilise the best available solution to clean it.

A comprehensive mattress cleaning service is provided by Top Cleaners as well. Our equipment can effectively remove dust-mites and dirt and sanitise the mattress making your home fresher and healthier. By using special chemicals and equipment we can greatly assist allergy sufferers who have dust related illnesses.

Upholstered furniture are well known reservoirs of allergens, dust and dirt particles. Regular professional cleaning of these fabrics will ensure that you experience a safer, cleaner and healthier indoor living environment.

Upholstery Stain Removal

There are thousands of different kinds of upholstered fabrics and thousands of kinds of stains that can and will end up on them. Removing stains from delicate fabrics can be a science. It would be nice if there was one chemical to treat every type of stain, but that unfortunately is not the case. Most stains can be removed if treated promptly with the right combination of chemicals and immediate cleaning. The toughest type of stain is one that was pre-treated with the wrong chemical or left for a long period of time.

Many people believe that the wear and tear of upholstered surfaces is not as severe as the daily abuse carpets and rugs are subject to. More often than not, this is not true. Your upholstered furniture is covered daily with dust, skin particles, body oils, dust mites and other environmental pollutants that are hazardous to your health and wreck havoc on your upholstery. Infrequent professional cleaning can lead to damaged upholstery, especially on rare, gentle or expensive fabrics.

Professional Care

Top Cleaners’ trained technicians use a hot water extraction system to loosen and clean the residue from your upholstery. Our gentle and effective cleaning system cleanses your upholstery and mattresses, without damaging your furniture or leaving behind harsh chemical residues.

Our first step is to diagnose the problem areas and pre-treat them, and then Top Cleaners’ technicians apply our special upholstery cleaning solution to the fabric which loosens imbedded dirt. After we remove the dirt using our powerful extracting system, we recommend an application of Scotch Guard protection, to help keep future dirt and spills from soiling your freshly cleaned surface.

The second step includes a specifically formulated PH-balancing fibre rinse that removes cleaning solution residue and stubborn dirt.

The Importance of Protecting Your Upholstery

Over time, the upholstery protector which comes with most new furniture wears off. In order to preserve the colour, beauty and life of your upholstery it is important reapply the protection after a few months. A re-application of Scotch Guard protection after your regular cleanings will help increase the time between cleanings and keep your furniture cleaner, longer.

After protecting your upholstery with Scotch Guard, we recommend our enzyme-based deodorizer. This non-toxic and gentle deodorizer is designed to attack odour-causing particles in your fabric and keep your furniture smelling clean and fresh.

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