We all know if we want to maintain healthily, our homes need to be tidied up properly. London cleaning experts reveal one of the most frequently neglected part of the house is the furniture. Your couch can easily accumulate enormous amounts of food spills, skin flakes and hair shed from humans and pets, moisture, mould and bed bugs. Now that sounds scary, but fear not here is what you need to avoid doing if you want to protect both your health and your home.

Nobody Has Time for Reading the Labels

Unfortunately, this mindset is widespread amongst homeowners. People often neglect to read the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to the fabric their upholstery is made off. In combination with not familiarising yourself with the ingredients included in the cleaning products you wish to use, you can easily destroy your expensive upholstery. Different materials have particular requirements don’t forget that.

Water Is Not Always the Best Solution for Your London Home

soapy water for upholstery cleaning

There is this myth that if you soak a stain in water long enough it will eventually dissolve. This is wrong for a couple of reasons:

  • You can damage the fabric;
  • The excessive water will slow the drying process which can lead to the development of mould and mildew;
  • Sometimes cold water seals the stains and actually helps it get more persistent.
  • The same goes for hot water. The heat can strengthen the molecules and seal the dirt in the fabric.

Use the Wrong Cleaning Products

This is a more common mistake than you think. You can either ignore the labels or use a completely inappropriate product. For example:

  • Using acids like lemon juice or vinegar to clean leather;
  • Ammonia and chlorine are often put in cleaning products, but our London experts warn you even small amounts can damage pretty much all types of upholstery;
  • Avoid applying strong chemical on natural materials like cotton or silk.
  • Remember some upholstery can be dry-cleaned only.
  • If you have a manufacturer’s cleaning kit, use it and don’t try to cheapen up by working with“alternative products.”

cleaning products in a London homeTest the Cleaning Products You Use in Your London Home

All cleaning experts know how important it is to test the products before using them. Regardless of what the label says accidents do happen and you must do everything in your power to avoid them. Here is what you need to do:

  • Rub a small quantity of the product on an extra patch of your upholstery’s fabric.
  • If you don’t have any access material chose a place to test the cleaner on your actual furniture. It must be somewhere not easily spotted. Use very little of the chemical – one-two drops.
  • Leave it for half an hour. If there is no discolouration or other damage you can use this cleaning product.

Cleaning Tools Are Essential

If you want to properly tidy up your upholstery, you need to have the proper tools.

  • Use microfibre cloths;
  • Rely on soft sponges and avoid working with the abrasive ones, especially if you are cleaning delicate fabrics;
  • Having a spare toothbrush that can be utilized to remove stains is great but make sure you are not using it on leather or silk.
  • Avoid brushes with hard bristles.
  • Do not use cloths or towels which tend to shed.

Professionals Say: Technique Is Everything!

 cleaning rulesTo have the perfect house furniture, you need to have the proper cleaning technic. Professional upholstery cleaners recommend avoiding the following when you tidy your London home:

  • Excessive scrubbing – it can damage pretty much all types of fabric including some hard materials like wood and metal.
  • Rubbing instead of blotting – the only thing you will achieve this way is to make the satin even bigger.
  • Skip on hovering – before washing the upholstery you must vacuum it properly to remove most of the accumulated dirt and dust

Cleaning and House Moving Are Connected

One of the gravest cleansing mistakes you can make is to skip tidying your upholstery after you had a house move. Once at the new place consider hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company that will do all the work for you. Many reputable agencies in London can offer you such services as hot water extraction or dry cleaning.

Stephanie Cooper

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