Most of us hoover our carpets at least a couple of times a week. Pet owners probably do it more often due to the shedding of their dog or cat’s fur. Whatever the case, we can all agree that carpets are probably one of the dirtiest surfaces in our homes. Now, while we regularly disinfect kitchen and toilet surfaces, we often forego giving our carpets a thorough cleaning. However, dirt and bacteria hidden in our carpets could pose a real danger to our health, and any stubborn stains aren’t going away just by hovering over them. The best way to ensure a healthy and clean environment in your home is to have your carpets cleaned properly by experts who know just what needs to be done.

Trust the professionals

We may want to do the job ourselves, but it is wisest to leave it in the hands of professional cleaners who are trained. They have the expertise in using the proper tools and techniques to getting your carpet as good as new. Experienced cleaners with knowledge about the appropriate cleaning products and the necessary skills to operate cutting-edge equipment make the cleaning process efficient and top quality. A good cleaning of the carpet helps you prevent allergy attacks or bacterial infections, apart from having a spotless floor. The products used are non-toxic and biodegradable, and so they are eco-friendly.

What is the expert carpet cleaning process?

A good old vacuuming first, to remove the surface dirt and dust. After that, a pre-spray treatment is applied to break down the dirt and stains that are embedded deep in the carpet fibres. Once the treatment has done its job, it’s on to a good, thorough scrubbing and then steaming the carpet. This steam cleaning method ensures that the carpet receives a deep clean without compromising the material and integrity of the carpet. Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

Hiring expert carpet cleaners in London has the added advantage of being able to have your carpet cleaned on short notice or at any time that is convenient for you. 24-hour emergency services can be a real lifesaver! The experts know just where to pay the most attention to, such as heavy traffic areas, and which products to remove which stains and/or odours with. So, while you sit back and enjoy a day off, you can get your carpets cleaned without any worries or hassles and have your home fresh and clean in a jiffy.

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