Its almost time for the Holiday craziness that is the month of December. However, there is a way to take off a small portion of your household chores and do them in advance. Here we have gathered a list of cleaning chores you can do in November and have it a little easier during the upcoming festivities.

Windows and Curtains

curtains in a London houseNovember is your last chance to properly wash your windows from both sides. The cloudy weather is perfect as the sunlight won’t reflect on the glass and obscure your vision. While you are at it why don’t you wash your curtains as well? This way you won’t waste time during the holiday clean up. After all how much dust can your drapes accumulate for a month? Do the job now and don’t bother with it at least until Spring comes.

The Corners of your Rooms

Let’s be real, the last thing you will have time for in December is to go and clean every corner of your home from dust and cobwebs. Now it’s your last chance to tidy up these areas properly. While you are at it, vacuum the spaces under your heavy furniture and under the couch cushions. You might even find some spare change just before the Holidays.


wardrobe in London

One of the best things you can do in late autumn is to declutter your drawers and wardrobes. Collect all of the clothes, accessories and makeup products you don’t use any more. Throw away the expired or damaged things. The rest you can divide into different piles and donate them. Lots of people need warm clothes in the winter months, so now is the time to do your annual good deed. Give toys and blankets to your local London animal sanctuaries and send your accessories and makeup to women’s shelters.

Pantries and cupboards

Time to sort out your cupboards, and we are not only talking about tossing the expired foods. During the winter holidays is customary to have big family gatherings. This means you need to inspect your porcelain dishes and wipe them from the dust and fingerprints and prepare them for the upcoming celebrations. Now is the perfect time to polish your silverware as well. Trust us, this will be the last thing on your mind in December and the first thing that one noisy aunt will notice.

Arrange the Guest Bedrooms

If you own a big house in the suburbs of London, you have at least one guest room. And even if you are not planning to host anybody this holiday season we all know that at some point in time you will need it. So do the smart thing and clean your home thoroughly now. Change the sheets, put up some decorations and wipe all surfaces to remove the layers of dust.

Pipes and Drains


Something you really don’t want during your holiday is the heavy smell of cleaning solvents in your home. Unfortunately, most drain cleaners are like that and its not like you can avoid purging your pipes. However, you could do all of this a little bit earlier, like in November for example. The weather is still warm enough you can leave a window open and ensure the mandatory fresh airflow and you will remove one more chore for your holiday cleaning checklist.

Pet Bed and Toys

If you have a cat or a dog you know how important it is to keep their things clean and germ-free. So spend some time washing and disinfecting their blankets, beds and toys. If you want to skip the deep upholstery cleaning and removing of pet hairs, consider buying a cover for your sofas and beds. This way you will save time when the actual holiday preparations come.

Kitchen Appliances

kitchen in London

It is true that in an ideal world you will have time to wash your fridge, oven, dishwasher, coffee maker, etc. every month but in reality, you don’t. The only thing you can do is to finish with some of these chores now. Granted you will still have to wash your microwave and stovetop before the Holidays but at least the other things can be done in advanced. To keep your fridge smelling freshly put a couple of lemon slices on a dish and place them inside of if. Change them periodically.

Stephanie Cooper

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