End of tenancy can be a stressful time, whether moving out of rented accommodation or moving into a new one, both for the tenant or the property owner. Some agents and landlords use the help of professional cleaning services for an end of tenancy cleaning. This is because the cleaning services offered by these professionals are guaranteed to be quick and efficient. Tenants, too, often hire professional cleaning service providers to ensure a comprehensive cleaning so that they can get back their deposits. This is usually a good idea, as every inch of the property needs to be carefully cleaned something that can only be done by professional cleaning service providers. A checklist is always helpful during an end of tenancy cleaning and is usually given by professional service providers.

The Cleaning Checklist

 The end of tenancy checklist is a useful and important tool both for the tenant and the property owner. Some of the best professionals in the cleaning industry have created their own checklists reflecting the cleanliness standards required by major letting agents, which they swear by at all times. If you need comprehensive tenancy cleaning before or after letting out the place, then the following are some important markers to be kept in mind:

  • For the kitchen, make sure that you wash and polish all work areas, clean inside all drawers and cupboards as well as the oven and the fridge. Remove old/unwanted items and dispose of them.
  • For the bathroom, wall tiles should be degreased and polished. In addition, the taps, basin, bath, shower, and other fittings need to be cleaned, de-scaled, polished, and dried. The toilet should be descaled and disinfected, and the floor should be washed and cleaned with all bath items to be disposed of.
  • In general, when contemplating an end of tenancy cleaning, you must make sure that you dust throughout the area including things that can be easily overlooked, such as light switches, curtain rails, radiators, and skirting.
  • Ensure that you wash the floors and remove the cobwebs, and don’t skip polishing the doorknobs and vacuuming under the mattresses.

Help at Hand

The end of tenancy checklist might seem intimidating, but there is no need to worry, as you can always hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service provider. One of the best cleaning providers operating in the London Area is the Top Cleaners, a company that has been extending its services since 2001. Top Cleaners offers its end of tenancy cleaning services at affordable prices and can carry out an operation even at a short notice. The end of tenancy cleaning service provided by the Top Cleaners is fully insured and guaranteed. For the best cleaning services in London, contact Top Cleaners today.

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