If you’re one of the people who regularly clean their home, you’ll probably agree with Marie Kondo that it is a personal process. Everyone has their own routine, their custom checklist, and their favourite detergents.

But wouldn’t it be nice to break from the boring regime and have some fun with the cleaning? We think it will! The idea behind “zodiac cleaning” is to see what tasks correspond to your zodiac sign and do those instead of your old routine. Let’s see what the stars say about you:

Aries: Declutter Gear and Games

With their active lifestyles and many hobbies, it’s no wonder that Aries have so much to clean. What’s worse, people of this zodiac sign tend to amass a huge collection of hobby supplies. That’s why, if you’re an Aries yourself, you should find time to go through the big collection. Evaluate each item and declutter regularly. Keep only the things that are the most valuable and get rid of the rest.

Taurus: Kitchen Cleaning in Your London Home

Being a reliable sign, Tauruses should have dependable kitchenware. Make sure to go through your tools and utensils, and clear out everything that looks broken. Replace old and sad-looking kitchenware with new and let your creativity shine in the kitchen.

Gemini: Getting Rid of Digital Clutter

The “twins” are a curious and passionate bunch of people. Their interests change constantly and often result in a few folders of unused apps on their phones. To declutter their digital lives, Gemini needs to be ruthless and get rid of every app that hasn’t been touched for more than a month. If you follow that with a regular wipe of the screen, you’ll win bonus cleaning points.

Cancer: Mementoes Clear Up

Cancerians are the zodiac’s resident emotional sign. So, as a result, they tend to hold up to things for sentimental reasons. If you’re a Cancer yourself, you probably have a box or a drawer stuffed to the brim with things. Now, our London cleaners don’t advise you to get rid of it all. But you’ll do yourself a favour if you at least go through that stash. Who knows, maybe you can repurpose something.

Leo: Decluttering Wardrobes

Leos are fashionistas at heart. That’s why we recommend that you clear up all the wardrobes in your London home. After all, this way you’ll free up some space for new clothes from the latest trends.

Virgo: Paper Everywhere

Virgos are known to be well organised and planing everything on paper. That’s why it’s no wonder that their clutter is mostly made of old notebooks, planners, calendars and piles of paper. All they need to do is occasionally declutter their London homes and recycle old paperwork.

Libra: Clear Out Knick-knacks and Decor

Libras have a strong desire for aesthetic harmony and balance. But sometimes, the representatives of this zodiac sign can get overwhelmed with the number of belongings they have. Especially if they have to clean them regularly as well. To reduce the pile that needs cleaning, strip down all decor from a room. Then start putting it back piece by piece while rearranging it – trust your artistic eye to achieve a minimalistic look and get rid of everything excess.

Scorpio: Develop a Cleaning List for Your London Home

Scorpios are hardworking people and achievers at heart. There’s nothing more satisfying to a Scorpio than saying “done!”. That’s why they are the people who definitely need to have a cleaning checklist to tick off those boxes one by one.

Sagittarius: Clearing out Bathroom Cabinets

These eternal nomads go from thing to thing so quickly, they rarely have the time to clean let alone declutter. Their bathroom cabinets are often filled with product samples and leftover, travel-sized goods that they’ve kept upon returning home from their many travels. Their cleaning mission? Declutter the bathroom cabinets and have a clean slate.

Capricorn: Old Condiments in the Kitchen Pantry

Even though Capricorns are good at staying on the top of their cleaning game, they still tend to miss on a thing or two. Nobody’s perfect after all. Even the most organised and clean people have a bottle or two of expired goods in the fridge. At least, as a Capricorn, you don’t need to do much. Just make sure to check your cupboards, fridge, and pantry from time to time and toss away everything expired.

Aquarius: the Books That Clutter Your London Home

Aquariuses love books. But they also love having big libraries. That’s why it’s no wonder they have tonnes of books that they’ve just flipped through and forgot about. To reduce the clutter, make sure to keep only the literature that encapsulates your taste and really speak of who you are. All the rest, you can either donate or give to friends.

Pisces: the Eternal Fight with Decluttering Procrastination

What every Pisces loves to do is to just stockpile somewhere all the items they don’t want to deal with at the moment. That means that there probably exists a catch-all wardrobe, room or at least a drawer at a Pisces’ London home. These adaptable and easygoing people should go through the hidden stash of stuff and declutter it occasionally.


Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.