One of the most used ingredient when it comes to making your own cleaning solutions at home is vinegar. This magical liquid is said to have some strong cleansing and sanitising powers. In reality, it can be used to remove mild stains or polish specific surfaces. Our London cleaners remind their customers that vinegar is a natural acid which means that it posses the power to do some serious damage if not used properly. That is why we compiled a list of things you should never use vinegar on.

Avoid Using on Marble or Stone Surface

Vinegar is advertised as a universal cleaning liquid, however, when it comes to stone worktops it will do more harm than good.

  • What will happen? The acid will “eat” the stone. Discolouration and chipping will occur and your worktops will lose their shine.
  • What to use instead? A simple mixture of liquid soap/dishwashing fluid and warm water will clean the marble surface much better. If you want, you can even purchase a specialised cleaner for these types of surfaces.

Bad Choice for a Pearl Cleaner

Some people think they can use vinegar to polish practically everything. Don’t be like them, be smart and protect your belongings.

  • What will happen? Vinegar is well known for its ability to completely dissolve pearls. The reason is simple, pearls are made of calcium carbonate, just like limescale.
  • What to use instead? Pearl jewellery is very easily cleaned. Do not put in water or any chemical solution. Just wipe the pearls with a soft damp cloth.

Vinegar Is NOT Good for Your Tiles

A lot of DIY mould removers have vinegar as an ingredient and this can create a little bit of a risk for your bathroom tiles.

  • What will happen? The acid cleaners will damage the coating of your tiles and can even make them break more easily.
  • What to use instead? You can use any non-acidic cleaner, from simple liquid soap to a multipurpose detergent. Tiles are easily cleaned if you have the right tools.

Do NOT Use It On the Electronics at Your London Home

You may have heard about the billions of microbes that live on your touchscreen and want to remove them. Or maybe you want to polish the screen of your PC or TV? Well, believe us, do not use vinegar for that.

  • What will happen? If you use a cotton ball, dampen with vinegar to clean your tablet or smartphone you risk eliminating its oil-resisting coating.
  • What to use instead?  There are so many different brands of screen cleaners, just pick one and always apply them with a microfibre cloth.

Irons Don’t Like Vinegar

You might want to polish your fancy iron but you will end up ruing it instead. Never forget – vinegar and lemon juice are acids and altho edible they can seriously damage part of the belongings in your London home.

  • What will happen? If you decide to pour vinegar in your iron and clean it as you would do with a washing machine you will be faced with completely different results. The acid will damage the delicate internal parts of your iron and can even cause rust to appear.
  • What to use instead? Always read and follow strictly the manufacturers’ instructions and guidelines. Do not risk wasting your money on expensive repairs.

Protect the Wooden Surfaces in Your London Home

When performing their cleaning services the majority of companies use specialised solutions designed to protect the wooden surfaces and elongate their life. Homemade products containing vinegar, however, are not as gentle.

  • What will happen? The acid will dissolve the coating on your wooden floors or furniture. Big discoloured spots will appear, and the surface will be permanently damaged.
  • What to use instead? If you don’t have any fancy detergent at home the good old multipurpose cleaner will do the job.

If you are struggling with the cleaning up of your home, you can always rely on your local London professionals to do the job for you.

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.