Why waste so much money on expensive cleaning detergents? Why risk exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals like ammonia or chlorine? Every homeowner understands how important it is to maintain a clean and fresh house but not everybody knows how easy it in fact is. Forget about the big brands and the trendy cleaning liquids. Here, are a couple of easy to follow tips, you can use to tidy and refresh your home without the need of spending too much money and effort.

Some Wise Words

Look around your house, there are plenty of ingredients already purchased, you can use in your cleaning quests. The most important steps you need to follow to assure all work perfectly are:

  • Stay openminded and don’t be afraid to try new things.
  • Always read the labels and manufacturer’s manuals.
  • If you are unsure about something, don’t try it. Many articles suggest using vinegar to polish wooden floors. However, this is a very bad idea as it may damage the coating of your floors
  • Accept new ideas, but always rely on your common scenes.
  • Remember to use protection when cleaning. The human skin is extremely absorbent, and you have to keep yourself safe at all times.

Forget about Fabric Softener

Why waste the extra bucks on it when you can use vinegar. Yes, it sounds strange, but if you put some vinegar with your laundry detergent, we guarantee your clothes, towels and bedding will feel soft and look spotless. A big plus is you will actually clean the insides of your laundry machine in the meantime.

The Right Way to Clean Wooden Floors

cleaned wooden floorsImagine living in a city with lots of bad weather like London. All inhabitants of the British capital have multiple times gone home with wet shoes and clothes. Not to mention when they walk their dogs, they have additional wet and muddy paw prints to worry about. If you have wooden floors, their proper cleaning will be of utmost importance to you. So what do Londoners have to do? Use olive oil and salt to remove the water stains that is what. This simple mixture works slowly so place it on the spots, leave it, wipe it, wait for a little more, return and be astonished at the results.

Don’t Waste Your Time with the Microwave

This type of oven is made to ease your day and speed up the cooking process. So there is no point in you spending an hour to scrub it. Microwaves can self-clean if you just give them a push in the right direction. In this case, place a bowl with water and lemon juice in it and run the oven for 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool inside the microwave and then just wipe everything with kitchen paper.

Toothpaste Is Your Secret Cleaning Weapon

What if you are the host of a big London party and suddenly you notice stains on your silverware. There is no time in half an hour your guests will arrive, what should you do? You can’t call for a cleaning company and you can’t leave the situation as it is. Take an old toothbrush and some toothpaste and start polishing the forks and knives. We guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with the final results.

essential oilEssential Oils Also Have Cleaning Qualities

Did you receive many gifts for Christmas? How about for your birthday? Then you know how annoying is finding a label or a tag that just refuses to be removed. Put some orange essential oil on a cotton ball and gently rub the sticky intruder. Let it absorb the moisture and then simply peel like it is no big deal.

Vodka Can Clean Everything

Well, that was an exaggeration, but you can definitely use this alcohol to polish all glass, porcelain or chrome surfaces. However, think long and hard how are you going to explain why your windows smell like a freshly made Bloody Merry. It is a small price to pay when everything looks as if you have used the services of the best house cleaners in London.

Mayonnaise for All Plant Lovers

The leaves of your houseplants gather a lot of dust. So you need to clean them regularly. Or you can use a soft cloth and some mayonnaise and wipe them carefully. This way the leaves will stay glossy for weeks and will repel all small particles.

Stephanie Cooper

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