March is finally here, and which means Spring is practically at your doorstep. You will slowly become more energetic and start to spend more time outside. But before that, you need to take care of your winter home. Just like a bear that is waking up from hibernation, your house needs to be prepared for the warm weather and spring vacations. But when is the right moment to start with your Spring cleaning? Our expert cleaners are here to share with you a couple of signs the time for the big annual cleanup of your London home has come.

1.When the Spring Rains Start

Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to wash all of your windows. All reputable cleaning companies advice to do this task when the weather is cloudy. This way you will be able to see all of the stains and smudges on the glass. Thankfully you don’t have to wait long for such a forecast in London.

2. The Damp Smell Takes Over Your London Home

All bacteria and fungi thrive in humid conditions. So when you start to sense the nasty odours in your home, the time for a big one-off cleaning has come

3. You Can’t Remember the Colour of Your Front Porch

In winter we usually sprinkle salt on slippery and icy surfaces to minimise the risk of accidents. Well in Spring you need to give your porch and deck a good scrub. Consider booking a steam cleaning services from your local London professionals. This method is very effective in disinfecting and brightening any surface.

4. Your Couch Smells Funny

During the cold months, you can’t properly clean the upholstery in your home, and it starts to collect all sorts of odours. Time to wash everything and let it dry out properly.

5. There Are Too Many Water Rings on Your Coffee Table

Generally, we are lazier in winter. Thus, people tend to overlook some things and procrastinate with others. Tidying up falls in the second category, so when the “lazy” marks on your furniture become too many, you need to buckle up for the annual spring cleaning.

6. Your London Home Looks Like a Haunted House

When the cobwebs in the corners of the room and the dust bunnies under the heavy furniture start to take over your home, you need to act. This is a clear sign, its time for a good one-off cleaning.

7. Your Friends Stop Visiting So Often

Maybe there is too much clutter lying around. In Spring people want to feel light and fresh and inspired for new beginnings. Your messy home is a complete opposite of this, so its time to do something about it.

8. Your Allergies Start to Flare Up

Spring is the season of allergies and asthma attacks. With so much dust and pollen flying around you need to keep home in a pristine condition to avoid going to the doctors. Consider hiring a one-off cleaning company and avoiding any further health problems.

9. The Kids Start to Lose Their Toys Too Frequently

When your kids complain too much that their stuff keeps disappearing, maybe the time to rearrange and organise their rooms has come. Use the annual spring cleaning as a way to put your London home in order.

10. The fridge Has a Strange Odour

If when you are opening your fridge’s door a nasty smell strikes you, its time to wash the thing. Remove the expired and mouldy foods and give it a good Spring cleaning.

11. Dust Bunnies Are Falling from the Top of Your Wardrobe

Nobody cleans the top of their wardrobe regularly. This task is a part of the annual one-off washing ritual. So if you spot them, time to plan a weekend of dusting and mopping.

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.