Every responsible homeowner knows they need to take good care for their house and clean it regularly. However, what most people have no clue about is that according to the different seasons, different cleaning chores must be performed. We are not saying you only vacuum the floor in the spring or dust only in the autumn. Depending on the weather conditions outside your house needs special care to avoid the expensive repairs and renovations. We have talked with professionals in the cleaning business and have created the perfect seasonal cleaning guide.

Spring Deep-Cleaning

SpringTypically all across the globe Spring is the season for the big one-off cleaning. During this time you cleanse the entire home and forget about it until the next year. There are a couple of musts that need to be done in order to correctly compleat the spring cleaning chores:

  • After the long winter, open your windows and let the warm spring air in. Now clean the air vents. A lot of dust and particles have gathered there during the winter and you need to remove everything.
  • Wash your doors and door handles. Clean all the dust stuck to the decorative pieces or windows.
  • Let’s be honest, you only do it once a year, so put some effort into it.
  • Windows and window frames need your attention. Clean them carefully, and remove all smudges and stains.
  • Clean the roofs and gutters from debris. When the spring showers start you don’t want to have a leak in the house.
  • Clean your mattresses and flip them over.

Summer House Cleaning Chores You Can Skip

Summer timeDuring the summer nobody thinks too much about cleaning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you are trying your best to avoid staying indoors. That is why in this section we have included things you must never do during the summer. Take it easy and enjoy the weather.

  • Do not wash your windows. In summer the sun is high, and the direct sunlight will reflect on the glass surface and smear your vision. You will end up missing a big portion of the stains and smudges.
  • Do not defrost and clean your freezer and fridge if you live in a hot place like Spain for example. It is not a good idea to have large amounts of food on the kitchen table when outside is close to 55 °C, even if you have an AC.
  • Do not clean the roof in the summer. You already did it once in spring, it is too hot for that.

Time for the Big Autumn House Cleaning

Autumn timeWhen the cold starts to make its way, and the days begin to shorten its time to pick up the broom once more and clean as you mean it. The Autumn deep cleaning is as important as the Spring one. Maybe it is even more significant because during this time you are preparing yourself and your hose for the winter.A lot of the chores from the spring cleaning must be repeated in the autumn. We are talking about cleansing the mattresses, cleaning the gutters and the windows.

Remove all the cobwebs from all corners of the rooms. After the summer you surely have a lot of new “roommates.”

If you live in a place with wet and cold autumn, like London you know the winter will be even worst. That is why you need to gather all the energy you have left in you and finish with all the home cleaning tasks you will skip in winter. So move around the heavy furniture and vacuum and mop all the floors underneath it.

Clean Your Home For the Winter Holidays

Winter timeIt is snowing outside, everybody feels festive, and you want to stay indoors as much as possible – the winter is here. You don’t want to clean, but you have to because in the holiday season you will host a lot of parties, invite a lot of relatives and friends and your home need to be spotless. Here are some tips on how to do that without wasting too much time.

  • Clean the kitchen table and the living room. Make sure to put the most effort into cleaning the rooms that will receive the most guests.
  • Mop, dust and vacuum all corridors and stairs. They are the first thing a visitor sees when they enter your home.
  • Clean the toilets. Pour some toilet cleaner and let it sit for 20 minutes, then just flush the water.
  • Always use scented cleaning solutions.

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.