Cleaning is one of the easiest things or so they say. There are various cleaning mistakes that can be made both caused by lack of knowledge or concentration. We have made a list of the most common ones in hope that it will help you avoid these errors in the future.

Frequent Cleaner Mistakes

The first group of frequently made mistakes concerns the usage of different cleaners. Avoid doing the following:

  • Spray cleaner directly on a surface. This method is practised quite often but is bad for the things that you are cleaning. There is a big chance you will permanently stain or damage the surfaces and won’t be able to equally clean all parts of it. The right way to do it is to spray a little amount of the cleaner on a cloth and wipe the dirt away. This method prevents buildups and saves on cleaning liquid.
  • Not reading the instructions on the bottle. Instructions are there for a reason, you should always first read them and then proceed to open the bottle and clean. There are some detergents that need to be applied a certain way or need special conditions in order to be used properly. Take your time and carefully read the labels at the beginning, so you won’t need to buy new furniture at the end.
  • Using general cleaners on electronics. You must remember there is a big difference between a window and a PC screen. You can’t clean them both with the same type of detergent. Electronics need to be handled with care and precision. There are specialised cleaners used for screens and components. You should avoid using common cleaning tools as well. Brushes and cloths can make tiny scratches and damage your electrical devices.

General Cleaning Mistakes That Affect Your Health

You must always remember that you are dealing with chemical components, and you need to be careful while using cleaning products. Be very careful and avoid at all cost the next few mistakes:

  • Not enough air. When you are dealing with strong cleaners, you need to assure that there is good ventilation throughout the home. This is something that is frequently overlooked. Tiny particles from the cleaners continue to linger in the air and unless you provide a steady airflow, they will attach themselves to your lungs and skin.
  • Always wear gloves. The human skin is one of the most absorbent parts of the body, which means that this is the easiest way for the cleaning chemicals to get to your system. Even natural cleaners can dry out your skin and damage the pH of your skin. Always use protection and avoid touching anything without gloves.
  • If you live in an area that is close to the sea and has a lot of rains like London for example. You are suffering in a neverending cleaning battle with mould and mildew. Which means that you must avoid these two things: never wash your walls with water and never try to touch the black fungi spots without gloves.

Basic Beginner Cleaning Mistakes

Last but definitely least are the group of mistakes that everybody makes when they first start to take care for their own place.

  • Trying to do all at once. You don’t have to clean your home to perfection every week. Make a schedule for all the cleaning duties and divide them throughout the month. You don’t need to clean the windows more than once.
  • Avoid washing your windows when it’s sunny outside. The reasons for this are two. First common cleaners dry very fast under direct sunlight thus you will need much more product to clean that you would need if outside is cloudy. And second, the direct sunlight will obscure your vision and you wouldn’t be able to see clearly all the smudges and spots on the glass.
  • Use all of your attachments when vacuum. Most of the modern vacuum cleaners have at least three or four attachments to help you clean different places and surfaces around the home. Invest a little time and learn what is used where. This will save you time and effort when you start cleaning.
  • Leave the stains to dry. You must never do that. The best way to clean a stain is while it is still wet. Once it is dried out it becomes really hard to remove it properly.
    Be careful with homemade cleaners. Especially if you are attempting to clean wooden floors or furniture. Bear in mind that most house DIY multipurpose cleaners contain some kind of acid that is harmful to the wood coating. You may end up with damaged and discoloured floors. When it comes to wood, always use specialised cleaning solutions.

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Cleaners for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with cleaning companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Cleaners with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.